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Just checking in

Greetings to all from the sunny Aegean - the Cyclades islands, to be precise. After tramping all around Athens for 2 days, including a full awe-inspiring day on the Acropolis, Donna and I have moved on to several of the islands. Hydra ("ee-dra") is unique, a tiny jewel of an island whose only means of transportation is the donkey. Now we are on Mykonos, where the nightlife goes on until dawn. Today we catch a boat for a 1-day visit to Delos, where Apollo, the Greek god of light and music , was born (according to Greek myth and legend, anyway.) And tomorrow we are off again, with the islands of Naxos and Santorini (also known by its Greek name Thera) still remaining on our itinerary. The euros go fast here, especially since the dollar is losing value daily while we're here.