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Mark, I have never posted here before but have been reading the posts for quite some time.
Just wanted to compliment you on how you handled yourself the other day when you were unjustly attacked on your forum.
That was a lot of venom to be hurled at one time and you dealt with it like a true gentleman.
You certainly gained my respect.

Re: Class

Yes, I agree. I was astonished that thread was posted here, and I was impressed with how Mark handled it.

Re: Class

Thanks for the commentary. I did manage to get in a few licks of my own, but tried to do most of that with a certain tongue-in-cheek quality, rather than the full-on bluster of the opening attack. To his credit, John did manage an apology when he learned that the real enemy (in his mind, anyway) was someone else. I thinks he hurts his ability to do business with a wider audience by isolating himself so much in a kind of cultish ideology, so far out of most people's mainstream, and by being so eager to find a fight with anyone who appears to him as being at all different.

Re: Class

My impression is, honestly, that John is a really nice guy who has the best interests of people at heart. He's out to make a profit, of course, but he seems to like people. The problem is, I think he has Patty behind him pointing out slights and problems to him and making sure he doesn't pass up an opportunity to be offended.

I actually like the guy, when he's by himself.