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Towed Away

I was at a customer's home in Cambridge a couple of days ago. Routine job: 2 oriental rugs, and a sectional sofa. The customers had arranged with me to pay the bill by mail. I frequently just leave the invoice, if no one is home when I leave. Anyway, Mom, Dad, and the 2 one-year old twins (Molly & Wally) left the house. When I was finished about an hour later, I started moving things out onto their front porch. Lo, as I looked out at the street, my truck was gone - as was every last vehicle that had been parked on the street when I first entered the house. As I looked way down the street, I saw a city street sweeper just turning the corner, and I realized what had happened. In Cambridge, they don't just give you a ticket for leaving a vehicle parked where it will impede sweeping operations. They actually tow all the vehicles in the way, then charge each unlucky driver to get their car back. %$@*&^%!! All of the vehicles except for mine had probably been moved by their owners while I was busily at work.

I didn't even have my cell phone: it had been towed as well. On the house phone, I called my customer's number, which took me to a voice mail. I left a pretty irate message, asking why hadn't they told me about the street cleaning, and now I'm stuck at their house indefinitely.

Then as I was starting to call Cambridge City Hall to try and get info as to where towed vehicles are taken, how to get it back, etc, in the door come Mom, Dad, Molly & Wally. I was starting to repeat the irate phone message I had left, when she says: "We've been towed too!" Turns out that even though they've lived there for over 3 years, they didn't know the deal on street sweeping (the dummies!) So then he makes a phone call to City Hall, finds out that cars are towed to a lot across town, and that it costs $75 to get them back. So we all bundle into their other car and head for the tow lot. Along the way they agreed that they will pay my tow fee as part of their bill. Overall, no real harm done, except for the initial shock. My next appointment was on a "when I get there" basis, so all's well that ends well.

Re: Towed Away

dont feel bad mark. some 25yrs ago, as i work in a custies home, i had the same thing happen.
at least thats what i thought.

turned out my van, along with all my gear, was stolen, right outta the driveway, then totalled in a crash