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Challenger Noise

My 3/4HP rattles quite loudly when pushing, not pulling. Used every glide and still the same noise (cotton pads). Anyone know how to quiet it?



Re: Challenger Noise

Maybe the fit of the pad driver to the plastic drive is loose. I just received a new pad driver from Challenger. It was just a tad loose, which caused it both to keep falling off, as well as causing a lot of noise and vibration when in use. I added 2 layers of black plastic electrical tape to each of the three sections of the plastic driver. Now it fits nice & tight, and just purrs.

Re: Challenger Noise

mine driver would fall off often when new...putting the tape around edge of it and pushing it on fixed it...but i dont recall it making a noise.

also try calling the Watson's and ask them.

this is 1 thing i have read much about CCS machines in the past...they rattle nuts and bolts loose. haven't read this of a Challenger machine yet.

tho it may happen.?.

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Challenger Noise

Only thing that rattled off my Challenger was the safely interlock thingy in the handle. Thanks to whomever invented lock-tite!

Re: Challenger Noise

to Marc:
try e-mailing the Watsons at
If it's a technical matter, I'm sure from past experience that Lee will be in touch with you promptly.

Re: Challenger Noise

Thanks for advice. Will try the tape trick and report back.