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Success Stories

I am considering starting a carpet cleaning business in the next 120 days, and quitting my current secular job. I have no experience, and plan to practice first on my home . I think if I plan properly and work diligently, then I could be successful. But is there anyone out that that started w'out experience like myself, but is successful today ? How long did it take you for things to become lucrative ? What was your strategy as a start-up ?

Thanks for your response

Re: Success Stories

yes i started with no experience and actually had booked paying jobs before my equipment arrived had to talk them into waiting. I guess success is how you measure it I am doing what i want to do and making what i want with very little marketing. But I had/have some money as a kicker and didn't rely on this from day 1 to pay the mortage. It's worked out great for me.I think a lot of people fall in love with the own boss part of it and forget that when all is said and done your basically a carpet cleaner with a wHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER skills necessary to be successful (in other ego interferes)Plus I started in my 50's

Re: Success Stories

Hi Jonathan,
There is a post if you scroll down a bit that is similar that several folks chimed in on 6 months or so ago. Unless you have lots of friends to network through, are a very good salesman, or a marketing genius, it will probably take you 6-12 months to get things rolling. Eventually you will get more referrals and repeats but it takes a while.

I always recommend to folks that they have a nest egg set aside to help get them through the start up period. If you have another source of income, or start this as a second job then it can be fine.