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for sale

eclipse extractor. machine in excellent condition. has 3 vac motors, 250 adjustable psi, and internal heater.
comes with 75' of hose sets, 2 floor wands, 5 ass't hand tools, and roughly $500.00 worth of cleancraft chems. well over $3,000.00 if bought new.
go to to see pics and further info.
seeing the pics of the machine on the site is just like seeing the one i have, its in that great a shape!

$1500.00 takes all.

also have a daimer vapor steamer i no longer use. all stainless steel, 1 gallon boiler, adjustable psi,filler bottle, 2 steam hose sets, bookoo brushes, floor tools and hand tools. this particular machine also can be used as a blazing heat,mini pressure washer via the turbo wash feature.

$250.00 takes this item.

if anyone wants both deals, shipping is free, and the cost for both is