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For Sale- Conquerer Op Machine

I have 1 Conquerer Op machine for sale. It is pretty much identicle to the the challenger mechanically speaking.
It's Red and operates the same way.
I bought it to do commercial jobs but am not interested in Commercial Work. Too time consuming for me... I want to focus more on Upholstery. I bought it from CCSOP corporation for $1999.00 new. Used it for 10 hours and thats it.
For all intents and purposes it is New...
Will sell it for $1497.00 and will throw in 10 single sided pads...You can call me -860-944-8777

P.S. I also have a new "desidario" steam clean machine which was used for motel drapery and bathroom tile n grout floors...will sell this also for $997 or as a package with the conquerer if you want to clean hotels etc...