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selling permitted?

hey mark, is selling on the site ok with you?

micky navarro

Re: selling permitted?

If you are selling used equipment, that is acceptable. But please don't offer my Training Manual for sale. I only sell it with my Package.

Re: selling permitted?

hiyas Mick!

how ya been buddy? getting out of the biz?

hope all is well with you --- Derek.

Re: selling permitted?


no, i still have the manual and its not for sale.
a bunch of chems i dont use but they are from 2 of your competitors, thats why out of respect i asked first!
i do have some equipment i want to sell which i no longer use.


no buddy, still kicking. matter of fact, air ducts and dryer vents are keeping me and my 2 guys very busy.
now, carpets are picking up, and i landed a few commercial deals!

Re: selling permitted?

glad to hear it Mick

what equipment you use for Air Ducts?

and do u use same equipment for dryer vents?

shoot me an email sometime. or is your addy the same?

take care --- Derek.

Re: selling permitted?

The Challenger Forum:
bringing old friends together again.....

Re: selling permitted?

I hear the song from Cheers in my head. :)

Re: selling permitted?

yeah derek, addy the same.

if ya know anyone interested in my eclipse, gimme a shout.
also selling a small vapor steamer i no longer use.

Re: selling permitted?

post them in a new thread here maybe.?. also post them for sale in Craig's List (google search it) for free, or eBay??

take care Mick, and like i tell ya, dont be a stranger to the forums! --- Derek.