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Business slower? Time to market.

When times are good, your calendar is busy, and you don't think too much about marketing. You also may not have the time or energy at the end of a busy day or week to do so either. I for one am finding things slower than I like right now. That gives me the time I might not otherwise have to reach out to new, or maybe even to old, former customers. I am currently updating my data base of funeral homes and funeral directors in the metro Boston area, and have composed and had printed a letter to send to each. I have always had good luck getting funeral homes as customers, but haven't marketed to them specifically in some time. When that's done, I'll do the same with hotels, health clubs, function facilities, and golf & country clubs. Hopefully these combined efforts will return me to the level of business volume I'm more comfortable with.

Re: Business slower? Time to market.

Good post mark. We have had tremendous success as of late with hotel/motels.

we tried to widen the field some with cheap road-side joints are not-so-cheao larger chains.

Re: Business slower? Time to market.

One strategy I've used with hotels which might be described as penny-pinching is to agree to clean the rooms carpeting on a break-even basis in order to get the work in the larger areas: ballroom; function areas; hallways; restaurant, etc. In order to maximize profits on these areas (do them quickly) it's good to have a high-production machine, such as the Challenger Max or the Orbitec CX-20, in your arsenal.

Re: Business slower? Time to market.


what kinda production rate are ya getting with the max? results? and are ya still using the same natural process like a few yrs ago?

oh, one last q.
which is heavier the max or the cx?

Re: Business slower? Time to market.

glad i read this thread!

here's more info Mick...the Max weighs 100 pounds...

in addition to Mick's questions, i am wondering:

i may have to CC 180 Holiday Inn Express rooms. i COULD use my Challenger but the size may be too small for the amount of production i need to put out.

was considering a CX20 with spray system. but will look at the Max as well.

Mark, how quick do you push out a typical hotel room with your CX20? and do you count your pre-vac time into that? or do u not pre-vac?

thanx --- Derek