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Prospect - Start-Up Budget

Hey all,

My name is Blake and I've been dreaming of starting a business for a couple years now, I guess I got caught up in over analyzing a business plan and basically got too scared to take the risk of jumping into a small business venture. Well, I've decided to take the plunge and will be starting out as of May 1st.

(Mark feel free to contact me as I'm really interested in your start up package)

But my question is too all those who use the challenger system, and more directly those who purchased Mark's "start your own business package"... What else would I need? I'm assuming that 20 pads is a good starting place but is it enough to pull 2 resi jobs back to back? and what other items would be helpful if not necessary?

I appreciate all the advice that is on this site and all feedback will be helpful. I look forward to joining you all in friendly competition...