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Can we talk about tile?

Currently I do not offer this servcie. I have a Vento/Hos and the "tile" brush.

I also have a porty but the pressure is only 100 psi.

I MIGHT be interested in going down the tile road but I am limited in space right now. I use a Pickup truck with camper shell and may be going into a PT Curiser.

I have no real need for a bigger porty just yet. BUT I might like a steam vapor machine for its extended uses.

so, here's the question; How fast can one clean tile using this method(s). We have been asked to quote some tile at a resty. Not the kitchen tile but the tile surrounding the seating and bar areas.

The average is about 500-600 feet.

Re: Can we talk about tile?

Steam Vapor is really hard work, and slow. Your machine with a brush is the way to go. With my machine (the old blue CCC machine which I only use for tile) spray chemical down go over with brush then using a dry (must be dry) pad pick up dirt. The tile will shine and the grout will be clean. Very easy. I use Steve Smith's Hot Knife work like a charm can do between 150 and 250 sq ft an hour.