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Rug Restore question

Maybe somebody whose used this product can help me out (or the Watsons). The product pricing on the website says $13 followed by Gr. I'm not sure if you get a gallon for the price or ??

Other questions: What is the dilution ratio of this product? Since it says the pH is 7 with no residue, why not use it on all carpets?

Is anybody using this and/or Spot Relief? How do you like it?
Thanks much!

Re: Rug Restore question

I paid around $30 for a gallon, It mixed at 8oz per gallon.I only used it on 3 or 4 jobs. I used it to clean whole carpets and found that it did't remove soil any better than orbit natural. It did work better on stains, supper good on pet stains, but not so great on other stains, I think it works about the same as abstraction mixed for spotter. Might be the same or similar product?
Chris Watson told me spot relief is the same as rug restore. My review is based on limited use, so I would like to hear what others have to say

Re: Rug Restore question

Re. the "Gr" and the pricing issue:
I have been in touch with Chris Watson at Challenger on this. She explained that the "Gr" is supposed to indicate that it is a "green" product, but will make this more clear as they do some changes to the site. The price is incorrect: they sell these 2 products at $32.00 per gallon. This too is to be corrected in short order.