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Dryer vent

I was afraid to post this here since i had posted at Ricks...but the silence begs some noise.

I am curious how amny CC'rs offer/do Dryer vent cleaning. Not duct work ***** but dryer vent?

Re: Dryer vent

I never heard of anyone doing it. I've been wondering where to go myself to get some work done on our overly long and twisted dryer vent. Some carpet cleaners do duct cleaning, I suppose, because the payout is likely to be larger than with dryer vents. Some of the companies which sell air duct cleaning equipment regular send mailings to carpet cleaning companies trying to convince them of the "logic" of adding this service.

Re: Dryer vent

I have been doing a ton of research of this very subject.

Here in Florida, it is common for the dryer to vent through the ROOF! Hecne....they clog fast. Then the dryer slows down...uses more electric and is a fire hazard.

there are plenty os start-up compaies out there similar to they way you put your business package together Mark. But the bottom line is it looks very lucrative even as a stand alone service. But as simply an add-on for CC'ers it seem very smart. Our vent will cost $149 to clean.

Re: Dryer vent

Phil, why don't you post the names of some of the companies who are offering to set people up in this business. It may well be an add-on income stream that will be of interest to others.

Re: Dryer vent

Steasm Brite has several options

I did a serach on google (sam way I found this forum) for:
Dryer duct cleaning equipment/business and went from there.

I ended up going with nikro

Re: Dryer vent

Around here, dryer vents are blown clear using a powerful backpack gardener's blower. Not high tech, but very quick and effective.


About ten years ago (here in Central Fl), builders moved the washer/dryer to interior rooms. So now they do not vent direct to an exterior wall. They decided to go straight up with the venting in many house designs.

Blowing only pushes the lint at the bottom, to the top where the flap or screen is...and really jambs things up.

This service may not be right for every area nor every vent...but for the is seemingly and awesome up saell.