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Crow for Breakfast this Morning

Well, the Pats lost the SuperBowl, and the sun actually did manage to struggle up past the horizon a couple of hours ago after all. I got up, made some scrambled eggs with a nicely sauted side order of crow instead of bacon. I was definitely worried going into last night's game. As the season wore on, the Patriots were looking increasingly like a team struggling in each game, all the more so during the playoffs. Their ability to dominate an opponent was no longer there, and the Giants had everything to gain, nothing to lose. It was very much a re-playing of SuperBowl 36,
when the Pats were seen as an interloper, a team with no right to be playing the mighty Rams for all the marbles. So, hats off to Tom Coughlin, Eli M,
Plaxico Burress, and the rest of the Giant cast.
These guys rose to the occasion and got the job done.
Tom Brady will end up in the NFL Hall of Fame, even if never wins another game, so I'm not worried about him.

I was the only

Guy at the pub rootin' for the Pats. @ half time, I went home.

One must admit, it was an swesome game though. And...of historic value to fans from either side...and just plain good fun to watc. all except the last 2 minutes.

Re: Crow for Breakfast this Morning

the real mvp was the giants defense. eli didnt do anything special other than NOT throw an interception. plaxico is an average receiver and played that way i thought.

kudos to the giants defense!

awesome game! sorry Mark but i was thrilled to see the Pats lose, as was everyone else at the party i attended

Re: Crow for Breakfast this Morning

The Pats as a team are a bunch of very likeable and hard-working individuals, for the most part. How can any true sports fan dislike people like Tedy Bruschi (who came back from a stroke), Mike Vrabel, Wes Welker (the ultimate over-achiever), Kevin Faulk, Dan Koppen, and Tom Brady (unless they're jealous of his love life.) It's Bill Belichick who's at the center of everyone's dart board. Except for one game, the Pats as a team have performed for their fans the way any fan anywhere would love to see their own team play. I think they deserve to be cut some slack.