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RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with RV's (Motor Homes) and carpet cleaning with the OP method. Do you think th Challenger is too big for the job? Maybe the Stair tool? My Bro in Law has a big 36 footer that needs work and that got my wheels turning as to a "niche market" for carpet cleaning.

P.S. Still here Mark, I'll be contacting you soon to discuss a package.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

On the Challenger website, they sell a small orbital machine intended to be used as a carpeted stair cleaner from about $280. I find it a little heavy and cumbersome for use in this manner. However, both Chris Watson and I (separately) have devised handles which allow this machine to function as a floor machine. I haven't seen her handle, and I don't think it is an item that Challenger sells. I have had a few extra handles made up by my local metalworking/woodworking shop, and can supply you with one for $50, plus whatever the additional cost is for the hardware (a pair of small hinges) and the fasteners (some nuts & bolts). So keep that in mind when you place your order for my Package. For pads, I go to my local Oreck vacuum shop, where they sell a small orbital machine called the Orbiter (pssst, it's not very good). At these shops you can buy a couple of different types of pads which perfectly fit Challenger's stair machine. One Oreck calls a terrycloth pad (I think it's really some kind of synthetic, but it seems to clean well) and another is a beige fiber-pad that makes a good pre-scrubber for spots, traffic lanes, etc.

Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

Now that you mention that setup Mark,
I remember you showing it to me in Mass.
Thanks, that size unit along with your stair machine would probably fit in all the nooks and cranny's of an RV.

Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....


I have cleaned a manufactured home and really small camper with the Challenger. It worked fine, but I sure wish I had the stair tool.

The biggest mistake I made was not buying the stair tool. I went with the drill driver attachment instead.

Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

Challenger for the larger areas, oreck orbiter for the small areas is what I use. Similar to Mark's stair tool with handle, only the orbiter can be fitted with various brushes which makes it a fairly versatile tool.

Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

I kind of dissed the Oreck Orbiter in my response above to Lance, having gone through two of them several years ago in about a year's time. In addition to what I found to be their rather short working lifetime, to me they seemed to be very "bouncy" to work with. Maybe they're better now.

Re: RV's, (Motor Homes) and CC....

The orbiter is FAR from perfect--just better for some tasks than anything else I've found thus far. Depending on the use and what pad/brush mine can be bumpy too. I am using the same one I bought about 5 years before I started my Biz, never had a problem with it and have done probably several hundred stairways with it by now. It's the commercial model, which might make a difference.