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commercial work!

Are Tuways thin ones effective for encapping commercial work? The meduium coarse pads wear out and leave fuzzies behind. Does the encap brush from Challenger work better than Tuways. I spent 4 1/2 hours last night cleaning my chiropractors office 1220 sq ft. office.
Looking to improve my efficiency.

Jerry Holt
Squeeky Kleen Carpet and Window Cleaning

Re: commercial work!


All I use are Tuway pads. The only time I use my OP machine is for commercial cleaning which, of course, is almost always CGD, and the Tuways work fine.

Once a year, in the spring, I have a bunch of empty rentals come due, and the Realtor who manages them insists they be "dry cleaned." I use the Tuways on them, too, and they come out just fine.

Re: commercial work!

I can't get those tuways to hold much soil, they will scrub but will not hold enough dirt to do the job.

Re: commercial work!

How have you been measuring the amount of dirt that's in them?