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**** Tassles!

Ok Mark, got a new one for ya. Did a house today with oriental runners everywhere! Used my challenger, my stair tool and my elbow grease. How do you get the dang tassles on the end clean? Spot remover? The carpets came out great but 2 of the runners have never been cleaned and they looked great also.Except the dang tassles! I always use my brush on my vaccumm to comb them and straigten out all the knots, but I didn't like the look of them. The ends stuck out, to me anyway. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Ps you got more patience than me with that dog customer!

Re: **** Tassles!

The only way I know of (which I don't do) would be to slowly comb in some sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide into the fringe then blot carefully with a towel. Would take quite a bit of extra time. I don't do this and tell them up front. I tell them that if they need the fringe cleaned they need to go to an in-plant cleaning facility (which isn't me). But that being said, it could be done the above way I suppose.

Re: **** Tassles!


Check out the Rug Hub. I recall some saying they brush in mechanic hand cleaner for soiled tassles. Go on the website and ask Dusty.

Re: **** Tassles!

I try to avoid doing them as well, and mention the "send it out" option. However, if it's a good sized rug, and I'd like to have its 108 sq. ft. on my invoice at $1/s.f., I might agree to do it, at an additional $1 or $1.50 a linear foot for the fringe part. On a 9 x 12, this would add another $18 to $27 to the bill. I've cleaned fringe by laying either towels or terrycloth pads under the end I'm working on, then sprayed with Releasit Encap DS, then with a carpet brush just keep brushing the DS thru the tassels (I call it fringe). With a damp stair pad, I try to squeeze out as much soil along the way as I can, and some of it is collected as well by the towel/pad beneath the fringe. The job may require more than one spraying/brushing/blotting. Seems to have worked well enough the few times I've done this. Since it's an encap product, the residue eventually dries, crystallizes, and flakes away.

Re: **** Tassles!

Thanks All Great ideas!
I think I'll bring my scissors the next time!