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Challenger stair tool

Do any of you guys use the Challenger stair tool? (Or another one.) Do you like it ok? I'm starting to wish I had a way to clean stairs using OP.

Re: Challenger stair tool

Had one, but it was not very powerful, it stopped if you put much pressure on it while cleaning.

Re: Challenger stair tool

Alan, I've been using the exact same tool as you, (unless you're referring to the big & heavy stair tool that Challenger sells at its website for just under $300.) It continues to work just fine, though I keep a backup on hand to replace it the day it dies on me. My opinion you pushed down too hard on it, too often. When I do stairs, I spray them, injecting a little more "juice" where staining is prominent, then I scrub them briefly with a good hand brush to help break up any stains and soil in general. Then, as a final step I use my Craftsman 6" stair tool, with 2-ply terrycloth pads from Argo, used damp. Process works just great for me. Do the pushing & digging with a hand brush, not your stair tool, and it should last quite a while. Inexpensive to replace.

Re: Challenger stair tool

I've had a challenger stair tool for a few months. It works great for the carpet types that can take a beating. For soft nylons it seems to tip the heck out of them so I don't use it for those. The other use I really like it for is upholstery. It really speeds up the horizontal surfaces.

I have an older oreck orbiter that I started using again for stairs. After some getting used to it's pretty easy to do the stairs with the long handle, stand 2-3 stairs below the one you're doing. You get some extra verstaility with it, carpet brush to pre-scrub, or you can grind down the driver, glue on velcro and run any kind of pad you want. Now if somebody would just make a 12 inch microfiber pad.

Re: Challenger stair tool

There might be something for you at or

Re: Challenger stair tool

Grant, are you saying the orek is less prone to tip bloom than the challenger srair tool? Or that it is just easier to use?

Re: Challenger stair tool

Hi Andy,

Sorry if I've been unclear, you've probably seen my posts in the past where I complained about the oreck and tip issues!

Actually I think both of them seem to be prone to tipping carpets, when using pads. Could be for somewhat different reasons. The oreck has an up and down motion to its oscillation that I've figured might be the problem, causing it to jack-hammer the top of the carpet, as it were.

The oreck however, has no tip issues when using the black carpet brush. This opens the possibility of straight encapping delicate carpeted stairs. Or trying to encap/scrub them as much as possible with the carpet brush, then a quick pass with a pad with glider.

Both machines are useful for area rugs too.

Hope this helps... and Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Challenger stair tool

How I do stairs,

First I dont promise that they will look better, we all know stairs take a beating and I explain this to the customer.

First I pre vac, then I spray my cleaner, give some dwell time, use either a hand bonett or a horse hair brush and clean the step, then I take a towel and towel off, last I have a small carpet rake and I groom the step. Works great and takes no more time
the using a roto tool and I dont have to worry about bloom. Thisa is for resi step only, not comm.

Under promise and they will look better then when you started and the customer will be happy. If worse comes to worse I can use my spotter machine. But I have yet to do it.

Re: Challenger stair tool

How come you always notice spelling mistakes after you post the message?

Re: Challenger stair tool

Thanks Grant. Joe don't worry, I make you look good. I am the king of missplelers's.

Re: Challenger stair tool

Hey Grant (and anyone interested) I use a dual action sander made by DeWalt for stairs and touch-ups (it is my version of a stair tool). Here's the rub: The "drvier" is hook and loop right? so, rather than buy "extra" pads to fit this little puppy. I use the old stained cotton pads than no longer work on my vento machine due to wear and tear on the pads not "hooking" up with the Op driver. Now, these pads are waaaaaaay too big for the DeWalt...but I sort of wrap the big pad 'round the driver and hold it in place (try it and you'll get the nack soon enough)....the pad "spot" on the drvier gets dirty so I simply move the pad a hair one way or the other. I can use one pad for several steps....AND it is a great use for old, worn pads.

I get 10 or so dirty circles on one side of the pad then flip it.

Does this make sense? I am dead tired from a long trip..benn away for a bit. If it is not clear....lemme know.

Re: Challenger stair tool

You can also cut worn and "greyed-out" terrycloth pads into circles about 9" or so in diameter, or whatever size fits your particular tool. Nor being sewn around the perimeter, there will lose some threads during both cleaning and laundering, but they can be a money-saver.