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Heavy Traffic

Hey all. Had a heavy traffic tough one yesterday. It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. I presprayed with cylone, green stripe padded it, then orbit natural, padded four times, and the one dry pad to get up extra wetness. Still looked Dingy

Would prescrubbing with Encap Punch, wet padding that up, then Orbit Natural, and then padding again? Last time I mixed encap with orbit the carpets ended up really stiff. Any suggestions would be appreciated

By the way the customer was very happy with how the whole house turned out! I did her windows and carpets in the same day. That was a long one
Thanks, Jerry

Re: Heavy Traffic

hi Jerry,

i've tried a good bunch of products and i always return to Punch.

that said, i ALWAYS boost my cleaning agents with sodium percarbonate (unless it's not too dirty in appearance - then no booster necessary).

if you are now wondering what sod perc is, use the search feature at the top of the forum.

thanx --- Derek

Re: Heavy Traffic

I continue to point out that it is not possible to get a well-used traffic lane to look just like the rest of the carpet, no matter how much soil you are able to remove. For 2 reasons. All of the walking on it tends to abraid the fibers, so they start to look like the blurry (scratched) area on a pair of old, cheap plastic sunglasses or reading glasses. Also, they lose some of their resiliency to stand up straight, from getting stepped on so much (kind of like metal fatigue). As a result of these 2 conditions, the fibers reflect light differently than the still-good fibers elsewhere in the room. They create diffused light (like sunlight blocked by clouds) rather than direct light, and the eye therefore sees them differently. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear (as my mother used to put it) (Was she talking about me????)

Re: Heavy Traffic

Thanks fellas!