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Poo Smell is Back

Last week I OP'd a residential, one of the rooms had dog poop stains. I received a call today, he told me that it still smells. I used stain majic on the stains and OPd with Code Green. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Re: Poo Smell is Back

Many online c.c. posters like the results they get with the Water Claw. I believe it operates off of a portable extractor. Oban is a good product
( You could also try one of the enzyme-based products sold at the big pet supply stores like Petco and PetSmart: Simple Solutions is one; Nature's Miracle is another. The enzymes consume the protein-based matter which is at the heart of the odor. Apply it heavily enough so that some of it gets down into the base of the carpet.

Re: Poo Smell is Back

i've used Bac-Out from BioKleen with decent success on's a "natural" product that you can find at most natural health food stores.

that said, i never gave it the "nose" test neither

if you've ever taken a iicrc odor control class you will know that the source must be removed. and even in cases where it is gone 100%, the client may have it in their mind that the odor is still there when it isn't. the only thing that MIGHT defeat this is a masking agent....cover the smell up with another (better) smell.

i'd go back and try BacOut (follow directions on bottle) and apply a deodorizer/masking agent.

stays away from poo jobs --- Derek.

Re: Poo Smell is Back

I called VacAway ordered Pee Eradicator and Im going to reclean with Whamm. Im going to extract the Pee Eradicator with shop vac. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Thanks for the help.