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dingy cotton pads

I am having success with my new challneger system that I bought from Mark . It is a incredibel machine. I am having problems getting my pads completely clean. They are coming out dingy. I have tried pre-soaking, tide with bleach, hot water, warm water, and cold water. HEEEELP Thanks for the Info!

Re: dingy cotton pads

The pads just naturally become kind of grey with use over time. At some point I throw some out (they've become so dark) rather than have the customer think I'm bringing already soiled pads into her home. Or keep a fresh unused white one to go on the top of the pile. But if anyone has learned a method to keep them forever white, I'd love to know.

Re: dingy cotton pads

Hi gang I've been using my pads for about 6-7mo. now and soak them at night in a nonchlorine bleach with very hot water I think that's the best you can do with them.One thing I do is change my pads out on a job very freq. even if they look pretty clean I think this helps with the build-up of soil on the pads which is the difficulty in cleaning them. Good Luck

Re: dingy cotton pads

Of all my pads, the ones which seem to remain closest to white over their useful life are the 2-ply all-cotton terrycloth pads made and sold by Argo & Co.
( Since they are 100% cotton with no synthetic threads (which add strength to the pads) they are also the fastest to wear out. But you should be able to get 50 or 60 uses out of them before they start to fall apart. I find that on an annual basis my combined cost of cleaning product and terrycloth pads represents only about 2 to 2 + one-half percent of my annual gross. Not an amount worth getting too upset over.

Re: dingy cotton pads

Thanks a lot fellas, that helps out a lot! Have a great day!

Re: dingy cotton pads

I use a laundry detergant along with oxi-clean, just be sure to use really hot hot water, warm water does not activate oxi-clean it should be a temp you do not want to tuch, you probably will need to turn up your hot water heater, oh yeah do not use blech with oxi clean.

Re: dingy cotton pads

similar to Jon above, i use Sodium Percarbonate which is the active ingredient in any of the oxy-clean/boosters. **EDIT** i should clarify my wife uses it in the laundry

i buy large volumes of it at cheap prices from:

it's alot cheaper versus the oxy-boosters you buy at the store....those have alot more "filler"/soda ash in it than the SP from the site above.

also use it on 100% of my commercial jobs as a booster. use it 90% of my resi jobs.

mix it at hottest temps as Jon said.

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Re: dingy cotton pads

Great Advice about ordering the Sodium Percarbonate!!! I love it? Do you dilute it roughly the same as you would commercial grade Oxy Clean? Also does it clean and otherwise behave about the same as Oxy Clean for other applications such as cleaning tile and grout? Do you find it leaves more residue - less residue or about the same residue amount as oxy clean does? Thanks for taking on my questions.

Re: dingy cotton pads

Neatest trick I have heard about this is to make sure to always only use one side of the pad. When the customer is observing just keep the white side up so it looks brand new!

Re: dingy cotton pads


never used oxy clean so can't comment.

your welcome, glad to help. now let's keep it "our" little secret

--- Derek.