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Looking for a short but sweet explaination

What I normaly get asked when I get a call is "tell me about your process" or "how dose this all natural stuff work? OR " Why can you clean with all natural when others don't" My response is to long and I go into every detail. And some times I just sound like an idiot. Any one have a short but sweet phone script that explains our service?
I am all ears! Thanks

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Something like this:
We use a unique process which substitutes strong agitation of the carpet fiber for all that water being injected, then sucked out, in what is marketed as steam cleaning. The steam cleaners use smooth aluminum wands to move this water around. There is very little agitation involved. When you have a lot of agitation, or scrubbing capability, you need only dampen the carpet fibers to strip the soil away. The cotton pads we use in our process are very absorbent, and are right there to absorb all of the loosened (liquified) soil. Since most of the work is done by the orbital scrubbing process, even a mild natural cleaning product can get the job done.
(or just do a demo)

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Mark, That is basicly what I have been saying, But it sounds so much better the way you put it. Thanks!

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Actions (demos) speak louder than words.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

So do before and after pics but without the extra free work. Get a pic book.You can talk all day but they still dont know you. Your work in the book will speak for itself. Show them some pics, than let them finish looking at your before and after book while you measure the job. Youll save selling time and close more jobs.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Another way that might help you explain it is to draw an anology between catpet cleaning and car washing for them.

Steam Cleaning is like taking your car to a coin operated spray car wash. You can spray a ton of dirt off your car in one, but you can never get rid of the road film without scrubbing with a rag or a brush before spraying.

Low moisture cleaning is like taking your car to a detail cleaner. With low moisture cleaning we provide the scrubbing action to loosen more soil, and this scrubbing action allows us to avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. We are able to use soft, all natural cleaning agents that leave you with a healthier indoor environment.

At risk of hijacking:

I decided I'd jump in for the topic "green" but not the same question. Hope it is cool.

'Splain me how the "green" chemicals prevent rapid resoiling...if they do.

And, I assume we must use cotton bonnest?

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Cotton bonnets have one good quality they can absorb. Synthetic bonnets can also absorb, some better than others depending on fabric, construction, pile density. Synthetic will last longer,give a smoother rid, shouldn`t shed and can also help with the scrubbing action where as the large looped cotton bonnets tend to have the larger loops lay over and float on top more than penetrate the carpet. Green chemicals shouldn`t attract soil,trial an error and time will tell. Use an encap product if wicking or re-soiling is an issue.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Certainly two reasons account for the greatly diminished cleaning solution residue that remains after OP cleaning. First of all, very little liquid comes into contact with the carpet in the first place, and about 90% of it is just plain 'ol water. Water alone leaves no residue. And with cotton pads, or pads with some combination of cotton, microfiber, and synthetics, most of the moisture that goes in comes right back out, along with the loosened soil.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

So one can add "grenn cleaning" simply by using a green product (assuming he/she has cotton or synthetic bonnets?) instead of encap ir any other VLM methods?

Are the results as good?

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

"Green" is a relative term. Unfortunately, it has become the newest buzzword in marketing; sometimes used legitimately, sometimes not. In my own marketing copy and headlines, I lead with the word "natural" with which I hope to differentiate what I am offering from people who are using less toxic synthetic cleaning products. If you use a bio-based product,you can use the word "natural". As an example of "green" in a product which contains some synthetic elements, I would point to Releasit's EncapClean DS. The only thing in this product which is required to be listed in the "dangerous" category is isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, which I've been using for years as a fragrance-free after-shave for years. Even H202-based cleaning products, which are produced from the rinds of citrus products, are required to list "hydroden peroxide" under the "dangerous" category, even though hydrogen peroxide is a germ killer - even used by many people as a mouthwash.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Are the results "as good"?

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

I can only speak from my own experience. I was prompted to look for a less "chemically" cleaning product when I noticed that my frequency of headaches went up after using a standard carpet cleaning product called Argosheen. Whether it was the strong smell alone, or the items in their chemical cocktail, I have no way of knowing. It was then that I decided to look for a more natural, less odorous product. I came up with 2 products from Bioforce-Envirotech, a Minneapolis company ( They make 2 bio-based, odorless carpet cleaning products, called (duh!) "Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner" (neutral pH) as well as "Outsolve", a higher pH product intended more for areas with heavy soiling, such as traffic lanes. When I switched over, I noticed no difference in my results. In OP cleaning, I'm convinced that it's the high levels of agitation (1725 RPM in the little orbits) that does the lion's share of the work, not the cleaning product. I once sold a Challenger to an individual in the Dayton Ohio area who had seen a Challenger demonstrated by someone who had actually run out of cleaning product, and could only spray the carpet with water. This demo, with just water, was so impressive to this person, that he called me the next day to order his Challenger.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

"Green" is a buzz-word. Simply having a "green seal" or something to that effect doesn't always mean that it's safe or that it works as well or better than other things. I've read some articles recently about some questionable products (with butyl or other possibly dangerous ingredients) being awarded various "green" credentials, which calls into question to some extent the validity of seal itself.

I just try to read beyond the credentials, look at the manufacturers website, read the msds, etc. "Safe" is really what we're looking for. If a product gives me a headache or makes me violently sneeze something isn't right. I like the "design for environment" standard better than green seal.

I had an experience about 6 months ago where I had taken a multisprayer jug with just water in it along with several others with mixed product to a job. When I was home unloading and going through the jugs, etc. I realized I had unknowingly used the jug with just water at the job. I didn't even notice while cleaning, pads still came off dirty, and the carpet still looked good.

Just water

The "just water" posts above got me to thinking; We have a CC'ing co here that claims it just uses pure water. Zerorez is their name.

anyway, if the water truly is "pure" it, in itself, is a cleaning agent.

I posted a very long post at Johns (RO/DI water)about how effective truly pure water can be.

I will delve into this further. Nothing as "Green" as pure water...nor will any residue be left behind.

Not sure how well it will do for truly nasty carpet though.

Thank you both for your great descriptions.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

We are blessed where I live with very soft water. Still not nearly "pure" I'm sure, but not bad.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Water can be called natures solvent and can remove or transfer dry soils but not oily soils or break oily bonds. Surfactants and detergency are necessary.As far as the orbital machine goes, and you may want to disagree but its still the chemical that does the cleaning. The machine only helps carry from point A to point B and is an aid to the chemical process.Try to remove a red stain with scrubbing, high pressure water ect. You cant, it is the chemistry that will remove or reduce it. The same holds true for soil removal. If the soil is never pulled from the fiber into the water molecule separating it from the fiber than all the steam, or scrubbing in the world wont do much. As far as natural, isent arsenic natural? Safer is a smarter and possibly a more accurate term. Green is not perfect and some abuse its definition or make untrue claims because of greed. That said, green is a step in the direction of safer. So much for short and sweet.

Re: Looking for a short but sweet explaination

Certainly there is a role for a cleaning product in the carpet cleaning process, but the credit it deserves varies according to the mechanical process being utilized. I have extensive hands-on experience with both OP machines as well as 175-RPM rotary machines. When, after several years of using rotary machines (with Argo's terrycloth pads) then used an OP for the first time, I quickly realized how much more effective the OP's rapid (1750 RPM) little "digging" or "tamping" movements were in removing soil in contrast to a rotary's far slower, almost lumbering movement. So it you are using a rotary, more of the credit for your results goes to your cleaning product. If you are using an OP, the credit is tipped more in the direction of the machine