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Mark need your help

Mark I'm doing a demo for a large hotel, and I'm going to use Releasit DS to encap.with a gray fiber plus pads. This is my first time using this method.They will be doing a white glove test afterwords and expect little to no soil to rub off.First is this possible to achieve and second what is your advise to give the best results

Re: Mark need your help

With that method you aren't removing any dirt, you are just encapsulating it, turning dirt stuck to the carpet into dirt not stuck to the carpet so that it is removable by a vacuum.

So while it's still wet, the dirt is still there, so it won't pass a "white glove test".

You might try explaining encap to them, anti-resoiling benefits, and give them a free demo. Then ask them not to judge you by the white glove test, but by how it looks in 1-2 weeks. Then go back in a week or two.

Re: Mark need your help

What Grant said, OR: do the demo with the fiber pads. Then, go over the demo area with terrycloth cotton pads to remove nearly all the residue. If someone really wants to get some soil onto a white glove, they'll probably still be able to find a little. But I think you'll easily pass the test.

Re: Mark need your help

Grant and Mark are correct. You won't pass a white-glove test without extracting the soil. OP will do an excellent job, however you may find that it takes too long to make money in a hotel. Is this by chance a Marriot? If so, ask if their auditor only checks the carpets in the rooms or if they also check the public areas. You may be able to get away with encaping the halls and common areas. If not, you may want to build in a cost for supplies because you'll go through a lot of pads.

Also, ask them how successful their current HWE provider is at passing the test. I'll bet they have their frustrations...which is probably why you have the opportunity to bid right now. Do a demo for them with OP - they will be shocked because their test is basically a manual form of OP - they won't get any soil you didn't. The quality they see from your demo will make them feel like they hit the audit jackpot. Then help them understand that price equals quality. They will need to spend more for that level of quality because your time and supplies will not be small in comparison to the HWE guys.

Most customers just want their floors to look good. In this case, use encap. But Marriot doesn't seem to put any subjective metrics in place, they want to know for sure that the soil is gone even if the carpet looks worse (from wicking and quick resoiling) in a couple of weeks. One of these days they'll realize why their auditing is not the best for their customers' impressions.

dirty socks

I used to travel a ton. Nothing torks my bolts more than taking off my shoes and having white socks on....then hitting the carpet floor only to dirty my socks.

The white glove test is to prevent customers being ****** off at dirty feet/socks.

It is a fair test.

Re: Mark need your help

Good point Phil, I hadn't thought of that.

Re: Mark need your help

i must be in the minority that NEVER walks barefooted or in socks in a hotel/motel/inn/lodge.

ALWAYS wear shoes...that's nasty

thanx --- Derek

Re: Mark need your help

Years ago, I had all the local Jamison Inn's in central Alabama on contract. Scrub-n-run encap. cleaning was just coming out and was really popular on the internet at that time and I had just bought my GLS machine. So, I started doing the S&R encap. thingy on the hotels.

Within three months I had dirty sock complaints coming from everywhere!

OP is the only way to go on these.