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Rug Restore

Hi Everyone,

I just checked out the Challenger Blog Site, and the new product Rug Restore is now out on the market. This product sounds great. Has anyone had a chance to try it out yet? I have been thinking about what Mark D said about providing an all natural carpet cleaning service, and positioning our business to a specific niche. There are not many services out there that provide this type of cleaning, so consider trying it out as it might just be the edge that your business needs to make that needed gain. You will separate yourself from the competition.

Brian C

Re: Rug Restore

If you don't know about the Challenger Blog site is here is the link.

Have a nice Sunday.


Re: Rug Restore

Hi Brian,I am just looking at some opportunities to make some extra cash.I work afull time job,and do some side work.I thought carpet cleaning would be a good idea.I was also looking at Green carpet cleaning.Is there any ideas you can give me or some good machines etc.This is all new to me.Thanks.Real

Re: Rug Restore

Hi Real,

Green cleaning is an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra cash. The Challenger is in my opinion the best machine for Low Moisture earth friendly cleaning. The best cleaning solution would be Orbit Natural. If you are looking for this system and would like the best support then contact Mark Dullea, he sells these products and machines, and provides excellent support. Just look at the top of this forum and click on the link that says "return to website." There is awesome information on how to start your own business and what equipment you will need to purchase.

I wish you all the best,


Re: Rug Restore

Thanks Brian .

Re: Rug Restore


Send me your e-mail address. I've got a new colloidal / natural / green pre-spray you may like to try in parallel with Rug Restore


FYI - I tried to reach you at but the e-mails bounce