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The mistake of trying to be like everyone else

I returned a phone call yesterday to an individual thinking of entering the c.c. business. (I think he has posted here under the name Mauricio (Hi, Mauricio!) He said he thought that what I was offering at www.carpet-cleaning-business looked like a good system, but "people" had told him that what he called bonnet cleaning was just an interim method, and that HWE was necessary to get the best results. I responded that I have never in my 17 years in this business owned either a truckmount or a portable extractor, an my business has thrived nonetheless.

What I might have added to this line of thinking is why would he want to go into business in the same manner as all the others in his area. If I wanted to go into the automobile business, and there was already a Mercedes dealership in my city, and another less than 5 miles away, would it make sense to become just another Mercedes dealer? Of course not. The only way I could sell any would be to out-discount the other two dealers. But if there were no Toyoto dealer around, wouldn't it make more sense to sell Toyotas instead? Sure it would. That way I could sell my vehicles at or near full price, instead of giving them away. The person who enter the c.c. business as just another steam cleaner can only really differentiate himself from the already established competition by selling his services cheaper. Selling anything with an inadequate profit margin is the quick route to going out of business, fast. So Mauricio, succeeding in business is not quite as simple as simply having what "someone" has said is a technically better way of doing things. Success is more based on positioning yourself to gain the attention of a segment of the market who wants, and will pay for, something better in their minds than what is currently available from the ordinary service businesses in their area.