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Doing steps by hand

Any one ever do this. Any advise on it. I no longer have Marks stair tool.

Is there a way to do steps by hand?

Re: Doing steps by hand

I have cleaned stairs by hand. You need to get thicker cotton towels...similar to the ones used outside bathtubs in hotels...Hesco sells them. You just pre-spray and after the required dwell time I scrub the carpet in short deep strokes and it works very well.

Re: Doing steps by hand

joe what happend to the stair tool... just goto sears... or hop on ebay...

not quite as good as the challenger stair tool... but it'd do a better job then your hands i'm sure...


Re: Doing steps by hand

It had something to do with my sons Polaris 4 wheeler and a John Deere mower. But I will not bore you with the details.

I have a US Products roto tool, but it throws to much juice everywhere. So I am trying to do them by hand.

Re: Doing steps by hand

Go to Sears and buy a Craftsman 6" Buffer/Polisher
#9/10720. If/when you do that, let me know and I will mail you a 6" circle of the velcro I use, which is the same as is on the Challenger pad driver. Glue it onto the head with your favorite super-glue. I use Gorilla glue. I used to remove the soft foam head with a bread knife, then glue the velcro to the firm base. More recently I've been experimenting just gluing the velcro directly to the foam head itself, and it seems to both stay on as well and clean as well. I buy 9" 2-sided terrycloth pads from Argo. ( On very soiled stairs, spray, then scrub the cleaner in with either a good hand brush or a FibrePlus pad on your Craftsman stair tool, and give them some dwell time. Of course, you can always just encap them "scrub & run" style, but they will look better if you padcap them.

Re: Doing steps by hand

Joe, i've done some with my Host scrubber as well. do you have s HWE spotter / upholstery machine? that works swell to.

thanx --- Derek.

Re: Doing steps by hand

Try doing them by hand...I can assure you it will work MUCH better than a Sears pollisher/buffer.

I use a Makita polisher which works very well, however on really dirty stairs I go over them again by hand and it cleans them much're able to get into the nap much better, also the corners and edges. My customers are very impressed when I follow up by hand...they're getting a premium service. I always tell them that an old timer who had been in the business for years told me about this (which is true).

Re: Doing steps by hand

I'm wondering if Cleanevo has ever used an orbital polisher/buffer on stairs. With somewhere around 2500 RPM in the orbital movement, you have a lot of scrubbing power. The 6" head is easily able to be "heeled" down into the more heavily soiled areas of the stair carpet. And it's light enough not to tire you out if you have a lot of flights of stairs to do. I wouldn't supply one with my package if I didn't use it myself on a daily basis.