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Mark ? about wood floors

Hi Mark,

I know you said something about wood floors.

I also know that Chemspec makes a product line to re coat wood floors.

Have you tried this line and how does it work?

Joe M

Re: Mark ? about wood floors

ChemSpec's has a line called Rx for Wood Floors. They also have someone who goes around the country visiting various product outlets who teaches how to use the product. Not a bad idea to do one of these before doing any "real work" with the product. As with all water-based wood floor products, the quality of the work is in the even-ness of the application. In contrast to slower drying oil-based wood floor finishes, water-based products dry fast. If you go over the same area with too many brush or applicator strokes, you can get some ripples or little lines showing in the final dried result.

Re: Mark ? about wood floors

Hey Mark Dulla I read about you on some article on the internet while I was researching either minuteman or gloss teck it was an article about one of these products and then it mentioned your name and was talking about Im guessing the challanger but it did not say specifically what machine, just that you were helping Orbitec (i think that was the companies name they gave) create a machine that can be used on wood floors and carpets alike, I wish I would of kept the web address for ya but I was rushing before I had togo to work.

Re: Mark ? about wood floors

Hi Jon
The Challenger can be be used as part of the wood floor refinishing process. With a sanding screen or
(better) a maroon abrasive pad, it can prep the existing urethane finish so that the added coat doesn't blister or peel a short time later. I would not advise the use of a Challenger to actually sand floors down to the bare wood. It's not heavy enough, in my estimation, to do the job right. Orbitec makes several orbital floor sanders, of the type popularly referred to as "square-buff" sanders. Take a look at I sell them at a discount to the factory price.