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Here we go again,

Ya know whats funny, us op guys are being trashed again on the ICS board by Waldo. Now Derek knows of Waldo as well as I and he is a trouble maker. He has within the past few weeks been kicked off Johns board at ccsop because of causig trouble. I guess he is trying for the ICS now.

What makes me laugh is I had a Cimex both 19 & 15 and sold them both, had two Challengers and sold them both. Gave up the business a while back and was really down about it.
I now own a Hurby or Vento depending where you buy them from and plan to get a Challenger again, just bought a new Cimex about two weeks ago and made a little $ with it, got jobs comming in at a few a week and I am doing it part time and making some good $$, for now part time is where I want to be.
Life is good and getting better.

I guess if I spent 50,000 or more for a TM, I would be damm ****** that some guy who only spent 4000 or 5000 is stealing work from me. I have customers sware that they will never have HWE again. Customers ask me do you do the low moisture type cleaning and when I say yes they say when, not how much just when.

Its great.

These HWE guys are so set in there ways that I guess they will never change.

Well its their loss. I will stick with my OP set up and Cimex and yes my cross america mighty one extractor for spills, they can have their blowers and pumps and waste tanks and shaft driven tm's, I am happy and my customers are happy and thats all that matters.

Now please I am not downing TM's there is a place and time for them I guess, but I have not met a carpet I can not clean with an op set up.

Sorry for the rant.

Re: Here we go again,


This is what worries me about this biz.
I got the same reaction from a nearby supply warehouse about op-ing and that hwe was the way to go and ishould by this tm and yada-yada-yada. I then went to another supply place and they were very cool about it and basically said the more tools of the trade you can sell the better you are. I kind of chalk it up to ignorance is bliss.

I work a 9-5 that is pretty cut dry and since we are the smaller guy in the biz and only been here for 20 years and not 50 we get the shaft alot by others. We don't own our own planes, trains, steamships or semi's but i can still do it cheaper than them by lining it all up through other subsidiaries that they all own and do it better.

Why hate and can't we all just get along?
Competition creats better biz for all.


Re: Here we go again,

Thats true,
I look at it this way; Most of my customers have had bad exp with HWE..either they hired someone or they purchased a Hoover Steam Vac or Bissile and were not happy. Thats good for me because I can hope to or try to make them happy. So far its working, I have yet to have a customer ask me how I was going to clean their carpet. All they wanted was clean carpet. I am sure that one day I will get the customer that will only want HWE. But until then the checks keep comming in.

Re: Here we go again,

Good for you Joe. Nice to hear somebody is having a good Winter! Phone hasn't been ringing much out here. Have been trying to get everything laid out so I won't have to do much marketing once things pick back up. Do you like the Cimex best for your large jobs? (as opposed, say, to a larger op machine?)