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Challenger for sale

Just bought it, but turns out I'm going to be unable to do this business for family reasons.

Still in the box. Still unassembled. It's the full 3/4 hp kit from Mark complete with everything--pads, scrubbing pad, gliders, DVD.

I know I'm going to have to take a loss. I'll be reasonable if anyone wants to make me an offer.

Thanks, Mark, for allowing me to post this.


Re: Challenger for sale

One correction: the Challenger arrives fully assembled: no inserting Tab A into Slot B with the Challenger.

Re: Challenger for sale

send me an email with what you got and what your asking.

Re: Challenger for sale

Chris Watson has just corrected me: in order to facilitate shipping, the Challenger's handle now needs to be connected to the main body of the machine. It's just 2 bolts, and allows shipping that greatly reduces any chance of damage enroute.