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21" op machine with inline sprayer?

i had read on here some where that a 21" op machine with inline sprayer would soon be available but have yet seen any thing on it or about it, has any one else?

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

unless you are planning stright commercial i think the 21" challenger would be to large.

it is supposed to be released very soon, the sellers have pics i'm told but challenger has told them they can't post them or anything yet.

jim england is still working on a spray system for the smaller challenger BTW... already has one for the HOS/vento machines which i may eventualy pick up, but i'm more set on a CRB w/ a spry system on it... vac, prespray and prescrub in one quick single operation then OP to extract.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

The one remaining holdup Lee Watson (Challenger manufacturer) is experiencing re. the new, larger Challenger has to do with the wiring of the Baldor motor. They have not yet offered a motor wired the way Lee believes it should be to work correctly on this new machine. Note to Chris Watson: if I didn't get this quite right, feel free to add your own comments here.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

To T_nap: if you are just starting up a business, then a machine with a tank on board would, I believe, be a disadvantage to you. In your earliest stages, you will most likely be doing mostly residential work. Trying to move a machine large enough to have an onboard tank up a flight of house stairs is quite difficult. Every gallon in the tank adds 8 pounds to your load. Let it slip, and you've made a real mess. You could also damage the stairs. To start off with a Cimex,or one of the larger Orbitecs with a tank, or the forthcoming Challenger 2.0, would be a mistake.
Better to build up some cash flow from residential jobs (using the standard 2-gallon pump sprayer that you'll carry separately). Then, if you are so inclined, start looking for large-scale commercial work when you're able to afford one of the bigger machines with onboard tank. These are best used in buildings with both elevators and entry ramps.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

i am NOT mechanically inclined, but even i am able to easily put on temporary larger (13.5") air-filled tires to wheel my Cimex up a flight of steps.

this would work with any OP machine that you didn't want to lift and caryy up a flight of steps.

it sometimes actually makes it easier to pull UP a staircase, then going DOWN.

directions copy/pasted from Bo Newman:

"Yes, leave the regular wheels on. Don't try to clean with the bigger tires on.

Use air filled tires, inflate to about three pounds (they float over steps better that way). Use a 5/8 inch threaded rod - it's available at Home Depot - cut to length. Thread through holes in regular wheels, put tires on, put nuts on (don't tighten - leave loose) and you're ready to go. The big tires will be on the outside of the regular wheels.

There are further directions on this site - go to search engine, type in "big wheels for cimex" and your other questions should be answered.

Don't go beyond 13-14 inch tires. They won't fit on stairs.

To put the tires on or take off - start with the handle up. Rotate both wheels to the correct position (you'll find out what I mean when you do it.)

Thread the rod through both of the regular wheels. Put on big tires and nuts. Time - 15 seconds."

pic's of mine can be seen here (copy/paste link into your browser window):

notice on the following pic, the larger tires are on. keep in mind the small stock tires ARE still on the don't take them off. you make sure the axle is long enough to put the larger tires OVER the smaller tires. don't forget to buy the right sized nuts for that axle (if you use 5/8" threaded steel for axle, buy 5/8" nuts to keep those tires on while pulling up a flight of steps).

hope this helps --- Derek.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

derek good time... thats a very neat idea... simple and efficent, about how much did it cost ya to set it up?

pnumatic tires would also be a lot softer on wood stairs i'm sure.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

hiyas Donalson :)

the cost for :
- 2 tires.
- one: 3/4" threaded "axle".
- two: 3/4" nuts.

came to around $20 or so. can't recall exactly.

i have used this set up in 1 home and on a couple/few dozen commercial jobs. WELL worth it for me.

take care --- Derek.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?


thanks for the help and tidbit of info on size of the new machine and what i might need.

yhanks to you others that offered advise on this subject to and for replying to my emails about vlm/op start up.

I am still trying to make sense of it all and narrowed it down to a few suppliers. Hope to make a final decision in the next week or so.

Re: 21" op machine with inline sprayer?

Happy to help, T-NAP. Y'all come back, hear?