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How does one get licensed, boned or insured?
Do i need to contact a certain government agency regarding licensing for my state?
What about becoming Boned?
Are any of you insured and if so what does that run?

Also what is the difference between the Challenger-op systems and the orbitec systems?

Has any one bought into the terri-towel system?

Have any of you heard of ccs (

Trying to get out of the corporate world into a biz of my own and trying to do so with out my wife divorcing me...


Re: Licensing

Licensing depends upon which state you are in. You need to find out from your state's Secretary of State's office whether a carpet cleaning business requires a license. Probably not, but better check.
If you plan to have employees, it is they who become bonded, not you. Re. insurance: in the carpet cleaning industry, the standard policy covers incidentals you may damage, not the carpet itself. You will be surprised to find that very few residential customers will ask if you are insured. I think I last heard this question more than 5 years ago. If you are seeking work from a company (commercial work) some may ask for a certificate of insurance. If you think you have a good shot at getting their business, and it's worth more than the cost of a year's insurance policy ($750 - $1000) it may be a good bet to acquire the policy.

Orbitec makes a larger number of orbital and related low-moisture c.c. machines. (, but does not offer the entire Challenger "Start Your Own Business" package. I sell the Orbitec line as well as Challenger, and, if you wish, could substitute the Orbitec machine of your choice for the Challenger in my package. The terri-towel system uses one of the smaller Orbitec machines.

Once your wife sees how happy you are running your own business, she'll love you even more.

Re: Licensing

T-nap, for me in my state all I had t do is go to the county court house and apply for a buisness certificate, a state sales tax license, and then a federal EIN (employment identification number) I was able to do all of this from the county court house which supplied the state and federal applications you can also do most of it on line with maybe the exception of your bussiness certificate.
You do not have to have a icense to clean carpets in my state, but do have to have a business certificate to conduct busines.

Insurance runs me about 450 dollars a year and covers 300,000 dollars per job and a total of 500,000 for consecutive jobs.

Re: Licensing

where i'm at in FL is all you need is a "buisness tax recipt" they no longer call it a buisness licence... was under $15

would have been more if i didn't use my name in the company name, and then i'd have to apply for something else if i planned to have any employees in the next year

Re: Licensing

here is what i was told:
In Ohio, a business is required to register the business name with the Secretary of State’s office, and obtain a vendors license and commercial activity tax registration from the Department of Taxation.

Secretary of State contact: 877-767-3453 or

Department of Taxation contact: 888-405-4039 or

Costs: Business registration with Name registration is $125; Name registration alone is $50; Vendors License is $25 and the Commercial Activity Tax is $15.
You will need to register your business with the state. It is not considered a business license. But, you will need to check with the Secretary of State by phone or online to verify that your business name has not already been taken in Ohio. This should be done prior to you operating as the specific named business. You can mail the registration, the Secretary of State’s office is not currently capable of taking payments by credit card. Instructions are included with each form.

so i guess i need to register my company name and apply for a vendors license. hope i can figure it out.

What i was wondering is you see some company's list on their advertisments: Licensed, bonded, and insured. I want to be able to list the same thing since a lot of these bigger company's promote tactics to not use us little guys because we are not Licensed, bonded or insured.

Re: Licensing

T-Nap you can become a licensed carpet cleaner, google IIRC carpet cleaning licensing and you will get there web site, if you wanted to be IIRC certified you could go to there school and get a certificate, I have yet to be asked if I was certified or licensed, and most on this forum would say the same.