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wood floor questions and RX woodcare product...

tommarow i'm going over to my mema's to look at a wood floor in a rental she owns, it had carpet covering it and apparently they used glue on it for some reason

so tommarow i'm going to look at it, i'll be taking the camera.

1st step i'll need to remove the glue, I figure i'll know more about what type it is tommarow... hopefuly it's not to difficult to remove argg...

once the glue is removed... if the floor is good enough to have the RX stuff done to it... i'll be doing that...

my question here is what all will i need, the no sanding stuff, the finish and catalyst, red pad.

any specific type of mop to apply the stuff?... about how much area does a gallon of the finish cover? and for the no sanding solution?


Re: wood floor questions and RX woodcare product...

Not to break your bubble, but a floor which has had a carpet glued to it is not likely to be a strong candidate for a job limited to application of a recoating product. It is more appropriate for a floor sander to be brought in to rip through the glue and any marks it has left on the wood prior to putting down 2 or 3 coats of a floor finish, which is usually polyurethane. A tung oil product such as Waterlox would also give a high degrre of sealing and protection, as well as a very nice look. Recoat products such as those made by Varathane, Bona Kemi, and Basic Coatings are intended to be used on existing urethane-finished floors which after a few years have become dulled out and lightly to moderately scratched. Don't try to replace the floor sander. They have a tough job to do in getting rid of multiple layers of old finishes, wood discolorations, uneven floors, etc., and to suggest to the customer that a recoat job can accomplish all this is inaccurate and likely to cause you some level of embarrassment. I would think twice about this, even if it is family that is involved.

Re: wood floor questions and RX woodcare product...

thanks mark,

looked at it yesterday... after looking i told her it's prob better for her to just to re-carpet it... it's an older house (60's) and has a 2.5x2.5 or so hole cut out of it from when they changed the heater setup... wouldn't be able to cover it very well

the other rooms would be good canidiates... except they look fine and don't need work doh