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Fliers around mail boxes.

Be careful where you put your fliers around your mail boxes. They are property of the US post office. If the mailmman picks up your fliers, you can be fined postage for each one of them. The post office considers that from the ground up on the mail box, is their property. That's my understanding.
Thank you.
John Arronco

Re: Fliers around mail boxes.

read/been told the same thing when doing yellow pages.

however if they have a news paper box thats free game ;-)

Re: Fliers around mail boxes.

What if it is a news paper box that the news paper suplies, not like the ones you have been doing donalson but the ones that are little boxes attatched to the pole and has the news pappers name on it, like sun heraold or somthing?

Re: Fliers around mail boxes.

i've been tossing them in those also... i personaly don't care about the news paper company... but when you mess with the USPS box you are dealing with FEDERAL property... don't want to mess with that...