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Postcard from the Andes

Greetings from quite sunny yet surprisingly comfortable Santiago Chile: the snake-shaped country that is over 3000 miles long north to south, but averages about just 150 miles wide east to west. Santiago is a rapidly growing, very sophisticated capital city, which contains close to six million of the country` 15,000,000 inhabitants. Visits so far have included the nearby very old city of Valparaiso, which contains a very colorful UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as some of the many vineyards to the south of Santiago. While it`s midsummer here, at the approximate latitude of Atlanta or Jacksonville FL, the ocean temperature is too cold for swimming, by most people`s standards. Whereas Americans on the east coast as far north as Maine receive the warming benefits of the Gulfstream, in Chile, the prevailing current also comes from the south, which means it comes from the frozen areas of the Antarctic.

Re: Postcard from the Andes

hey mark, while yer down there, take a ride to the atacama desert to see if its rained there recently.
they say there has never been any measurable rain there since the days of fred flintstone, lol
enjoy yer stay!

Re: Postcard from the Andes

neat man... have a god stay there... sounds realy neat.

have you flushed a toilet just to see it spin backwards yet? lol...

Re: Postcard from the Andes

No, it still hasn`t rained there, for decades.
Not sure about the sink water: I`ll have to remember to notice. They did tell me, though, that Santa Claus arrives from the SOUTH Pole, not the north, so we`ve been having many spirited scholarly discussions on this point.