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Trashed out carpet comment?

on one of the may OP pages there was somethign about how OP rated #1 in whoevers test for restoring "trashed out carpet" or something to that extent

anyone know where that comment is or EXACTLY how it's worded... working on my flier for rental/reality places and i think thats a good one to toss in there.


Re: Trashed out carpet comment?

in tests at Dalton's Carpet Mill, Challenger ranked first in cleaning "trashed out" carpet when compared to other low moisture cleaning systems

guess that means i can't put it as i'm not using a challenger haha... doh

Re: Trashed out carpet comment?

donalson do you have the site where you found this?

Re: Trashed out carpet comment?

What can I say, Donalson. You missed your opportunity.

Re: Trashed out carpet comment?

lol mark... i'll have a challenger eventualy :)

found it right on challengers web page... but i thought i'd seen it elsewhere also