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starting my own business

Hi,I just started my carpet cleaning company from my home ,and i would like to have more informatin about this business like how can i find good carpet equiment.

Re: starting my own business

welcome aboard...

for eqipment it all depends on what you are wanting to do...

obviously you are on a low moisture cleaning board... click ong the "return to website" button above and it'll take to to the guy who runs this board and sells a start up kit.

if you want to lean more towards steam cleaning you'll need to look elsewhere...

all depends on what your looking for... i don't have time to go into it deeper right now


Re: starting my own business

like mark said, decide the method(s) you want to use and also decide whether you'll do residential, or commercial.
tons of info are available regarding the cleaning business via the internet and the many message boards around but that may totally confuse you.
what ever area of the country you live in, check and see if there are any equipment suppliers close by and you can check out different machines.
if by chance you know someone in the business, see if you can tag along and get some hands on too!

good luck

Re: starting my own business

the hands on thing is a good idea... i just happend upon a job where we did carpet cleaning as an "also do"... now here i am with my eqipment... waiting for jobs (printing out a bunch of flyers at the moment)

fun stuff

Re: starting my own business

Hi Mohanad
I'm the guy referred to in the above post as "the guy who runs the board". I have for the last 17 years or so been running a very successful carpet cleaning business in the Boston area using only low-moisture cleaning methods. I do this purposely so as to separate myself from the "pack" of wet-method (steam) cleaners. For nearly 10 years I have been using orbital (OP) machines only, and for the last 7, primarily the Challenger. The Challenger is the machine on my main website: I have more recently added the Orbitec line of equipment, found at If you would like some one-on-one info, e-mail me at

Re: starting my own business

mark are you planning on adding one of the larger orbitec units for commercial gigs or something?... i can see the built on spray systems being nice for some of those kind of huge open area cleanings

Re: starting my own business

Lee Watson at Challenger Pad Systems is very close to announcing the availability of a 21" Challenger with onboard tank. I need to spend some time updating my website to promote both this new Challenger, as well as the Orbitec line.

Re: starting my own business

nice... will this be sitting on the wheels like the brute or will it still be just riding on a pad like the smaller units?

Re: starting my own business

Definitely on the wheels. This adds to the stability and operating smoothness of the machine.