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In absentia?

On Saturday I'm leaving for Santiago, Chile SA for 9 days. I'm accompanying my wife on a consulting job. She teaches at Northeastern University in Boston. This past summer at a conference in Martha's Vinyard she met these people who like the program in Faculty Development that she set up at NU a few years ago, and asked if she would come to Chile to help them do something comparable. I'm not sure whether I will have internet access there or not, so I may be among the missing for the next several days.

Re: In absentia?

Have a safe trip. Take lots of pictures.

Re: In absentia?

so... as a person who would like to be able to take a week off with out to much issue in the future...

how are you going about on the phones and such? answering machine? answering service?

sorry just wondering :)

have a great time... i wouldn't mind visiting south america... lived in panama for 6 years but i know that would be a lot different then the tropic area i was living in :)

be safe and have fun :)

Re: In absentia?

So Mark, you taken the Challenger or the Cimex?

Be safe.

Re: In absentia?

To Mark C: I tend not to take too many pictures when travelling. I try instead to store things worth keeping in the mind's eye.

To Donaldson: my answering service will take the numbers of all who call, also informing them that I am out of practical phone calling area, and will return all calls promptly upon my return on Jan. 30.

To Joe M:
Yes, all that, as well as my Orbitec CX-20. I'm confident everything will fit quite nicely in the overhead compartment. My task will be to introduce OP and planetary head cleaning methods to South America, eventually becoming the continental distributor for all three manufacturers. Oh, well, I suppose then I'll have to move to Rio (maybe get a nice loft condo overlooking Ipanema Beach).

Re: In absentia?

Just remember Mark, you are an embassador to the OP world, don't embarrass us.