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Free room cleaning tactics?....

I'm making my 1st flyer right now... i REALY need some decent response quickly... so i'm putting for the rest of jan a $150 whole house special kinda deal... i know the areas i'll be droping flyers would be around 1000 sq/ft or less...

i was thinking of along with that offer having a free room cleaning type of thing (max 150 or 200sqft max yadda yadda)...

i'll prob stay away from it for right now... but how do you usualy go about them?... do you hope they do the "as long as your here" kinda thing or what?


Re: Free room cleaning tactics?....

When I first started I tried the free room thing. I didn't like nor did it do well (probably why I didn't like it lol). But I found people suspisious(sp) of the offer and I would have to sell them on me cleaning their room for free. I also got someone who just want the free room cleaned. I threw the flyers away and went with a price than a discount. Worked much better.

Re: Free room cleaning tactics?....

did you find a fixed dollar amount off worked best or a %?

changing up my flyer and i'm debating which way to go... i know we're targeting women... and they LOVE a % off... but i think giving them a hard number off may have more direct emotional ties

Re: Free room cleaning tactics?....

I found that giving them a hard price and then a 10% discount (or whatever%) worked best. I don't use yellow pages or have any recurring advertising expenses so I will take a lot less to gain market share (customers) cause it only cost me in my intial effort. So I might decide to run a $99 600sq ft special exposed carpet only. This is cheap but it gets me a new customer who refers me and I make sure they understand it is an introductory special.
this has worked quite well for me