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the neon "loaded up"

did my 1st job today... for my mother-in-law... did it as much like a "real" job as i could...

she was very pleased with the results... amazed that it got some of the stains out, and realy loved how quickly it dried... also loved the smell (whamm and z-bomb mix)

she was horified when i showed her a few of the nastier pads :) lol... all said and done did about 850 sq/ft and took me 2 hrs 45 min (included some time playing with my 2 y/o son letting him push the machine around and stuff haha)... in the end pulled about $55 an hr for my 1st job... (150... she insisted i make her pay a realstic price)... normal going rate would have been $295... so lol...

so anyway... here's the neon loaded up ready to go... camera died on me when i got to the house to do the cleaing argg.
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Re: the neon "loaded up"

oh if you can't tell the car has a fold down seat back... 30/70 split... the 70 side is down... the 30 side has a booster seat in it... as does the front seat haha.

Re: the neon "loaded up"

You have everything but the kitchen sink in there.

Wait a sec I think I see it, its under the HOS. LOL

Re: the neon "loaded up"

... i REALY need to figure outa good way to carry my spotters... thatll be intresting to fit in there haha...

just got the sampler kit from vac-away :).. should be fun expermenting woot.


Re: the neon "loaded up"

Congrats on your first job!

That is one packed vehicle. And I thought I had no room in my truck ;)

Here is one of our spotting kits (from

Get yourself a soft sided carry case to keep all your spotters and gadgets.

P.S. Get yourself some spare batteries (and keep them charged) in your camera case.

Re: the neon "loaded up"

ya i'd stashed up on batteries before christmas... the've been used now... also think my cam is having some issues with a switch connection... i'll prob be snaging a new camera fairly soon, this one is getting to **** me off (was awesome when i was new... but i did beat on it VERY hard for the last year or 2... plus it's not been treated very well when the kids got hold of it haha.

thats a nice looking spotting kit... what does it run?... either way i'll prob do something similar...

Re: the neon "loaded up"

Not sure on price, I won mine in the Spot Master Championship - Spot Removal Competition at SummerFest VIII. I have been using DSC chems for years though, great products.

Now carry 24 spotters, and various tools and gadgets. Will get an updated picture sometime.

Re: the neon "loaded up"

hey mark, think maybe ya wanna put a set of air shocks on that puppy? just kiddin my friend!
good lord, when i seen that, it was a trip down memory lane for me when i started back in the '70's!!
i packed so much stuff into a pontiac astre there was barely enough room for me to get in, lol
all i knew is i had to get started!
again i wish you the very best. you definately have the eagerness for this business, thats for sure!

Re: the neon "loaded up"

no need :) it's got KONI adjustable struts (stock on ACR model neons along with stiffer sways, springs, and re-geared gear box :) lol...