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getting bull-frog out...

was cleaning our 2 carpeted rooms today... everything came out nicely except a spot where one of my kids got into some bull-frog sun-block (very good waterproof stuff)... kept scrubbing the area but it didn't budge much...

what should i use to try to get it out?

Re: getting bull-frog out...

Bull frog I believe is a very oily product. You could mix a whamm/zbomb spotter bottle up and try that with dwell time. Zbomb cuts oil very well and whamm will help with the encap.

Could also try a citrus product if you have that. I'd start with a very wet pad and end with a dry pad. If its still there after you could try cyclone and scrub it with a gum scraper.

Re: getting bull-frog out...

mark, most likely you wont have this product, but dry max from cleancraft would most likely do the trick.
its a dry cleaning fluid unlike any i've ever used in my 30+yrs of cleaning. pleasant smelling, not a brain killer like most out there.
i've had great success removing lipstick, road tar, cooking oil, paint, lithium grease, etc.......

mark d should have some good advise also so hopefully he'll chime in to help.