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I have a job monday to do a persian rug, owner was not sure if it was color fast or not. I have never came across a job where the color of the carpet faded, to check this rug (I typically use Orbit natural) do I spray this in a little spot and rub with my hand, will that be enough power to know weather or not the challanger will take off the color, or should I use a stain remover and then scrub a small area by hand?

If the color does come off by hand should I tell the owner I can not clean the rug or does any one have a better suggestion?

Re: Color

You can easily check it by hand first. Jusr dampen a cloth and scrub a bit. If you see color, it's not colorfast. Even if some color does appear, you can still probably clean it. Just that some color will come off onto your pads. It may or may not wash out.