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apartment move out prices

hi again, anyone out there do apartment move outs. if so what is the average price you charge on a average 1, 2, 3, bedroom apartment. i'm trying to land a contract with a local apartment complex and don't want to price myself out (or go to low), i'm in the wash d.c. area, so prices are fairly high around here. thanks bill y

Re: apartment move out prices

Although I don't do work of this type myself, I've read post on boards where people mention getting between $50 (such as for small studio apartments) up to around $100 for 2-bedroom units. Would they be all cleared of clutter, vacuumed, and ready to go? Or would you be involved in this as well? I would find out before agreeing to a price. Also, how many units you be doing per visit would also be a factor in pricing. There are economies of scale as the job grows in size.

Re: apartment move out prices

its been eons (25yrs ago) since i've done apartment cleanings but i can say this..........
make sure the units are completely empty, vacuumed, 100% ready for you to do your thing. i'd schedule them for the end of my day, and required the units to be cleaned were within a door or 2 of eachother. i also required a minimum of 2 units for cleaning on any given day. i used the bonnett method back then, and charged $45.00 for 3rms, $35.00 for 2rms, and $25.00 for a studio (1rm)
i used to blow thru the rooms like an oklahoma thunderstorm. these were no nonsense cleanings, very quick, very little if any pre-spray, wham bamm, thank you mamm!
the apartment mgr was happy, so was i cause it was always my gas and lunch money back then.
then the patels took over and that ended my career doing apartments, lol
good luck!!

Re: apartment move out prices

at servpro we worked with a few small realty companies... we cleaned all their apartments... ranged from studio's with one moderate size room of carpet up to good sized 4 br in nicer areas...

apparently the deal with them was either a min charge of $75 or $125... even the larger places only took less then 1 hr (of corse we sucked and ran... didn't do anything beyond pre-spay... put some spot treatment spray on heavier spots... then run though and suck and run... they typicaly sent us about 4-6 jobs a month.

they where happy and it kept us doing some work (water damages where slow at the time so any extra work we could get was better then going home)

i'm considering marketing myself to a few realty companies like that... assuming i can clean quickly enough to make it worth my while... only thing is they bill out at the end of the month so no cash for the job at the end of the day.