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is this over-kill

hi everyone, just wondering, is this over-kill. when i clean a carpet i usually
1. pre-spray
2. scrub the entire carpet with green stripped bonnet(i never use the holy glider, it just tears up my pads so i have resorted to using the green stripped bonnet
3. go over the entire carpet with damp pads and a thin glider
4. post vac

can i get away without scrubbing and just go with damp pads and a thin glider and get pretty much the same results?

Re: is this over-kill

Not over kill at all. By using the pre-scrub you probably cut down on the # of pads you use by a couple. I usually just use pads and don't pre-scrub, but on trashed carpet pre-scrub seems to really help.

I don't use the holy glider on cut pile carpet any more, but I may be overly worried about tip bloom.

Re: is this over-kill

Billy, there is nothing wrong with doing it that way, but on moderate to lightly soiled carpets you shouldn't need to pre-scrub. Just appy your your pre-spray and then pad. Dirty carpets it does help to pre-scrub.

Re: is this over-kill

What Jim E. said.

Re: is this over-kill

Bill Y
One thing I have learned in my brief experience is that I used to spend way to much time pre-treating stains.

I tend to let the machine do as much work as possible and the stains that need additional attention I will post treat and clean them.

I was surprised how much the challenger will do on it's own.

I still use the holy glider as much as possible.Had the same problem of it ripping up my pads until someone suggested that the pads may be to dry,depending on the type of carpet your cleaning.

On low pile or commercial carpet I don,t ring out the pads quite so much and have had much better results with pad fraying.