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how far will you drive for a job?

about how many miles is your limit to drive for a job?... I assume you'd drive further for a large job then you would a small? lol.

just wondering... we've got a lot of good areas within about an hr of here... I'm starting close but as time goes on I may move out further, obviously the further you go the longer the drive there and back... which is time and gas

just trying to get an estamate :)

Re: how far will you drive for a job?

It all depends upon the size of the job or jobs involved. If someone calls who wants you to travel the better part of an hour to their house, then inform them that your minimum charge is ......$$.
I'm doing a large hotel right now in Waterville Valley NH, which is about 2 hours & 15 minutes from where I live just north of Boston. I'm doing it over 2 separate 2-day visits. I stay at the hotel overnight each time, and can either eat the meals they are serving to their own staff, or go into the resort complex next door and buy my own. The job is worth about $3500 (lots of large carpeted lounges and function areas) so 4 days of work 2 hours away works for me. I am not required to bring helpers with me, as the hotel provides one to two people who will work for me on the job, at the hotel's expense.

Try not to agree to giving what the customer usually refers to as an "estimate" if the job is far away from you. Try to work out over the phone approximately what the cost of the job will be, or you will be spending half your work week just driving around giving "estimates" to people who MAY just be shopping your price against other bidders.