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pump spayer nozzles generic?

went to home depot today looking around... they had a pump sprayer very similar to the ones we'd used at servpro... all metal RL flomasters... but this one was for wood/deck work... opened it up... only diff is it's galvinized instead of stainless and it comes with flat nozzles instead of a cone nozzle... for under $30 it's a good deal IMHO... they are well made and i prefer the pump/funnel setup vs that tyicaly on the plastic pump sprayers

so my question... are the nozzles generic brand to brand or will i need to pick up a specific RL flomaster nozzle?

figgured i'd ask before jumping out and buying it... no big deal either way, just have to find somone who sells the cone nozzles in that case


Re: pump spayer nozzles generic?

I've owned about every cheapo sprayer there is. The best sprayer for about $20 is the Round Up sprayer that you find at HD or Lowes. What's nice about it is it comes with 3 tips, including a nice fan tip. You could probably get by with a couple of these (1 for backup) until you have the $$ to get a reasl sprayer... of course I've been at it 10 months now and still don't have a "real" sprayer.

Re: pump spayer nozzles generic?

I've been at it around 15 years and the Round-up sprayer suits me just fine. Sometimes the seals in the pump part give out, and I just spend the $20 for a new one, and put the old one out on glass & plastic recycling day.

Re: pump spayer nozzles generic?

Well if it's good enough for you then it's good enough for me... I guess you onDo you only use your Rocketsprayer then for your larger and/or commercial jobs? Not a bad idea there.

Re: pump spayer nozzles generic?

I purchased the RocketSpray to help speed up commercial jobs before I had either my Orbitec CX-20 or my Cimex 24"-model. Now I only use it on jobs which have some size, but where neither the Orbitec nor the Cimex seems to make sense, due to access problems, such as stairs.