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Question for Mark

Mark, when treating urine spots with oban do you lightly spray it or saturate it? On the oban lable it says to lightly spray for pet odors, all other products I have looked at say to saturate area to get product down to the pad and floor benieth. if you lightly spray a urine spot with oban, how can it kill odors that eminate from the pad or floor below?

Re: Question for Mark

if i understand correctly the saturation is for enzyme type cleaners... the bacteria need to be in contact to literaly eat the protein based stuff (which smells) away


Re: Question for Mark

I have done jobs where the light to moderate spray has been sufficient (according to the customer) as well as other jobs where saturation-level spraying has not resolved the problem. If your black light indicated that the urine-impacted area is large and dense, I would go with a enzyme product, using it liberally enough that it can get down into the base of the carpet. I neither own a water claw, nor want to be in the business of taking the carpet off of the tack strip, rolling it back, spraying the underside of the carpet, and cutting out the "splotched" foam pad and replacing it with a new pad section, then re-attaching the carpet after it has had time to dry. If in my judgment this type of treatment is needed, I pass on the job. In any line of work you need to know "when to hold 'em & when to fold 'em".

Re: Question for Mark

pulling pad... especaly when pee soaked isn't a fun job...

have to move all the furniture in the area to get the carpet up, cut the pad out... replace the pad (which has gotten very expensive recently doh)

I'm looking for somone to refer people to for that kind of stuff...