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who here sends out mailers to target new customers?

about how often do you send them out? about how many do you send out at a time?

how often do you re-mail to them?


Re: mailers?

There are many different categories for mailers, so there is probably no "right" interval at which to send them out. You might mail to new homeowners in the cities & towns you wish to serve. Many metropolitan newspapers publish the names of the buyers and sellers, along with the address of each property which has changed hands. Mail to the new owners to try and catch them while they are still "hot".

Driving around your neighborood you will notice "For sale by owner" signs on front lawns. Google "for sale by owner", "FSBO", etc., and you will find websites with ads from everywhere, including your area, from owners trying to sell their houses. Send them your material, reminding them how a house that shows better will sell faster, and at a better price, than residences which lack eye appeal. If the carpets look clean, this will suggest a higher level of overall maintenance to the prospective buyer.

For general mailings in your area, you need to recognize the fact that several times is better than one time. That's why TV commercials, even the annoying ones, are repeated over & over. To get your business into the subconscious of your potential customers, you need to keep hammering away. Can't yet afford to hammer away at the whole town? Start small, with just a few blocks, and spread out from there.

Re: mailers?

thanks for the pointers... I was talking specificly about finding new customers from various local areas... i've been taking down areas in which i'll be 1st doing flyers (drop a flyer while taking down address) then in the future they'll be on my mailer list

how often do you typicaly send out the next post card? monthly for 3 or 4 months? every other week? i'm thinking initaly about 50-100 a week would be my target...

thanks again

Re: mailers?

My advice would be to designate a smaller area, and mail monthly, rather than a larger area and less frequent mailing. You want the customer to keep you on her mind.

Re: mailers?

thanks... thats what I was expecting... i've been making lists of "nicer" areas while driving around, delivering and such...

my plans initaly are to go around droping flyers, while droping flyers i'll write down the adress along with a numbering system based on my expectations of actualy getting biz, based on the cars, condition of the house, yard ect (people who care about what their house and cars looks like are more likely to care what their carpets look like imho)...

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