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Customer Database

well spent a few hrs tonight on excel making my database... fairly happy with it, needs a little more time cleaning it up, I think i'll be adding a 4th worksheet for tracking mailers with dates and a 5th just for rooms and sizes of the rooms but haven't decided yet...

this would be a lot easier if the last time i took a class on spreadsheets i wasn't 13... and i wasn't using 286 computers running some form of DOS lol... still need to figure a few little bits out as far as continutity between the different pages but i'm pleased w/ the results so far

anyone an expert or know a bit about excel on here willing to help out :) lol...

Re: Customer Database

I use the product in the link below as my database. In excel I just log the $$ and mileage. I do the rest with this. It is barely more difficult to use than excel, yet you can create reports, and have a large notepad to write notes about each custy if you desire. I used this program to automate form letters for the insurance company I used to work for, and you can do that to if you want. It has less "power" than access, ACT and that sort of thing, but is SO easy to learn to use in comparison.

You can email me if you want more information on it.