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Does any one live where there is a lot of snow? Does your buisness tend to slow down in the winter? I have talked to alot of people where I live who say they refuse to clean there carpets during the winter time, fo two reasons long dry times and sludge (salt, dirt, and sand) taht gets dragged into thier house and soils there carpets. Hopefuuly know one lives where I do, but the people here are a little ignorant to new things, very few people have dishwashers or garbage disposals, so when I explain that this is a low moisture system they look at me funnt, I think they have been brain washed to use good old fashion technology. I also am tring to promote a fibor protector to repeal the sludge but most do not believe it. Is any one else having these problems, any suggestions.

Re: Winter

Where the hell do you live? In the Swiss Alps?

Be careful not to **** off the local villagers where your live they will come looking for you with torchs and picth forks.

By the way who says HWE is good old fashion technolog? Its just that it was better then shampooing at the time it came out in the 1970's.

I feel today with the new encap products that HWE is on its way out(somewhat).

Most people just dont have carpets cleaned this time of year because it cold outside at least in NJ it is.

Re: Winter

It is good old fashion because that is what people are used to and I was suggesting that HWE is the old way to clean carpets and this is the new way, and around here peole dont seem to up grade hence hardly any one has a dishwasher or garbage disposale,

But that is not the point of this post, jsut courius how people tend to get work in this season