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neat steel sprayer tank

surfing and looking over at vacaway saw this...

neat and would work well as long as you have access to some compressed air :)...

considering the cost of the stainless hand pump sprayers it may be a good way of doing things...


Re: neat steel sprayer tank

Mark, those pepsi sprayers work great, but they are kinda heavy even without the liquid in them, and tip over easily, and you can't tell how much solution you have left. They can't be refilled at the job site unless you have your compressor with you, so you will need at least two of them if you are doing a large house. Three gallons of solution will cover about 900 square feet at 300 square feet per gallon, which is about the average coverage rate for pre-spray, up to 400 feet if not to diry. So if you are doing a 2000 or 3000 square foot comercial job, you will need to bring your compressor so you can refill.
They do work good though!

Re: neat steel sprayer tank

true on the compressor but honestly is all you would need is one of those $20 air tanks from wal-mart... even if you don't have a big compressor you COULD use your little tire compressor... would take forever to pump it up but would work... or goto a gas station and fill it.

I'll eventualy call and see what it would cost to make my own... i'm sure it would be cheaper then the ones we had at servpro... add to that i'm a geek when it comes to making things... i have a decent MIG welder... and no garage :)

weight would prob be the worst part to me...

Re: neat steel sprayer tank

I got my containers and hardware @ I built two. Waaaaay better than pumping. Also carry a 5 gal air can in the truck.

Re: neat steel sprayer tank

So Gary (and others that may use the "pepsi" type sprayers), just wondering how you get it to work. Do you strap your tank onto a small dolly of some sort? Do you take 2 or 3 with you in case they run out? Do you pressurize in your van at the site after you've done your walk through and decided what you're going to use? ...just wondering how you make it work...

Re: neat steel sprayer tank

Grant- I just carry it. Not that heavy. Just repeat to self that "this is lighter than a cimex and it feels much lighter" I usually prep and charge before I go, on resi vlm I almost always use one chemical. If I lose pressure or need to recharge or refill I have the air tank in the van, which is good for six or seven charges.

Re: neat steel sprayer tank

how heavy is it before the solution is in there?... guess it's either tire out from the weight or tire from pumping haha...